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Can anyone from Pioneer DJ advise why on earth someone thought that waveforms on a screen should look like an 8-Bit Computer Game, I'm half expecting Mario to jump up the steps on the scrolling waveforms. 

C'mon Pioneer, you can do better than this. Surely! 

Is there any chance a firmware update will update the blocky music waveforms on the screen? because its very unnatural, you should definitely not see that type of waveform design in 2021 (maybe 1990). 

If this can be fixed I'm going to jump on this machine so quickly because this daft design is stopping me purchase. 

Lastly I have noticed on YouTube videos, some people are having difficulty scrolling up and down through tracks using their finger, they then use the dial after some aggravation. Have any issues like this been reported, and can this also be fixed with an update?

Or am I just banging my head against a brick wall, and this is just the screen limitations which are toned down with it being a cheaper controller, although it's only £300 less than an XZ?

Maybe the XDJ-XZ-2 (with all bells multi touch glass screen) will be the one making headlines ;)

Lee Bekier Answered

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Money? Most things in life are driven by money, (My best guess). Having said that, the blocky waveform is the main reason I am not purchasing. 

But yes, 2 grand for blocky waveforms is unacceptable.

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It's when you zoom in on the dial with the Waveform, it looks really bad.

Can someone from Pioneer advise if this can be fixed in a software update to make the waveforms smooth?

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