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Pioneer DDJ SZ Low output volume

Since I bought my DDJ SZ I have no problems whatsoever. The only thing I cant get right is sufficient output levels. Also when I record, it ends up very low volume (I have to pump the volume up 5 or 6 DB). In my streams people are complaining about the low volume, other streams are way louder and better quality. I know about gain and limiting, and I should ajust my master volume to get a higher output level, but even if I have everything to the max, gain at mid, and master output to almost max, It's is still way to low. Now i'm starting to think it may be a problem with the hardware itself. Which is a bummer if you paid 2400 euro for a machine that has barely the output volume of a transistor radio. Is there anything I can do to improve this??? I'm using quality .Wav .Flac files or mp3, makes no difference.

If I use vinyl, it sounds way better.

Olaf Stolker

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