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CloudDirectPlay | switch dont show up on WIN10 Laptop, Macbook is fine

After announcing the new CloudDirectPlay feature i installed the new firemware on my cdj3000 and update RB to the latest version 6.6.1.

On my Macbook an my Desktop WIN10 PC i could activate the new feature immedietly. But on my main Laptop wich i used for DJing, a Dell with WIN10, the switch for turning on CloudDirectPlay wont appere. 

any suggestions? I reinstalled RB a few times, updatet WIN10 to the latest, but still, the space in the field extended, but the switch dont show up. LibrarySync is enabled of course.

Its actually not a big deal becouse i can activate my USBs on my ohter devices, but in generly it boughers me ;-)


Stefan Linke

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Thanks for the tip! The field was blank, dont ask me why, i use the Laptop for more than two yeras now and always creating USB Sticks to play on CDJs.

After selecting CDJ/XDJ the switch for CloudDirectPlay showed up.

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