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Why is there no UNDO button

Hello, while this is of course partially my own fault, it seems kinda odd that the premiere DJ software has such an obvious missing feature.

Today, after recreating the playlist for the third time, I again dragged out a track and wanting to delete it from said playlist, I pressed control + delete (which is also an annoying feature instead of just having just delete + an undo button). Thinking the track was still highlighted, but no the track was sub-highlighted, the playlist however, for the third time, was highlighted > deleted. Imagine my frustration ?!

While I am very much a fan for the rest, I think this is such an obvious missing feature, and I think I am not the only one who has pulled his hair out of his head.

So pleeaasseee lovely people from Pioneer and Rekordbox, put this on the to do list ASAP, as this is a feature which has been requested for years now.

Kind regards,


Thom Ebben

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