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RekordBox 6.6.1 on NEW Macbook Pro M1 Max

Just got my New Macbook Pro M1 Max (16 Inch) running in Monterey of course. When I installed rekordbox 6.6.1 and booted it up, it opened but then it just freezes and give me a spinning wheel every time. I tried it with and without my DDJ-400 connected and still freezes. 

Wondering if this is an issue with compatibility of RekordBox to the new Macbook M1 Max Chip and GPU. Hope they address this ASAP and if there is a solution already I would truly appreciate if you shared it. 

PS: Wish Pioneer will fix so many glitches in their software. Hope RekordBox will as stable as SERATO.


(2021) Macbook Pro M1 Max - 24 Core GPU (16inch)

32gb RAM - 1TB SSD

RekorbBox 6.6.1




Mark Barba Answered

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