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CDJs wont read Samsung 1TB T7 SSD

I have been trying to get my new T7 to work on the CDJ's at the clubs I play at for the past few weeks and I have had no luck. At the moment they are CDJ-2000 NX2.

The first time I just formatted the drive to fat32 and plugged it in and on the CDJ it said to format USB.

The second time (after I did some more research) I wiped the entire disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard, made sure the disk was MBR and removed the password protection that comes with the T7. This time I could see my playlists but every time I went to load a song it would not load.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Dillon Dhana Answered

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Not all drives work with all players. Sometimes older players have issues with USB3.1 or 3.2 drives but will work perfectly with 3.0 drives. Others hate specific brands or models simply because of the memory controller in the drive has a conflict with the USB host chipset.


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I would suggest you clear the drive and then reformat Fat32, and you may have to do it a few times.  Also what are the song files, and have you tried running the drive through rekordbox to see that the tracks play there before you export?  I have the T5 and it works on the NXS2 and 3000.

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