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Issue Shehds LED Beam 8x12W RGBW Moving Head Lighting

First off thanks for supporting this product. I'm really excited about the integration of lights with RB.  Makes a huge difference.

When this fixture is connected to RB as a Moving Head (I think this is the best fixture option for this -  let me know otherwise)  The Range of motion is about 1/2 of what it should be. 

When you adjust the "Moving Head initial settings" on the Moving Head set up. you can see the full range that RB allows for this fixture.  But when RB controls the fixture in "Cool, subtle, club1 club2, etc and all the Banks and Moods.  RB only uses about 1/2 of its assessable and adjustable range.

Is it possible when this fixture was added that the "Tilt" range was shorted while the fixture is operating?  Can it be adjusted by the user or the RB lighting Team, to allow for its full motion that is present when adjusting the Moving Head Initial settings but not used in any of the Banks or Moods?

Thanks for your time!

Warren702 Not planned

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Hello Warren,

If you see the library of Shehds LED Beam 8x12W in the rekordbox lighting screen, you will find many channels have (*2), which indicates those channels are not supported in the current rekordbox version. 

Unfortunately, those channels may not work as expected due to some unsupported features.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Pioneer DJ Support

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