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Rekordbox Software Effects not saving (DJM-S11)


So i use rekordbox with the S11 and the CDJ-3000's. But the software effect settings that i have edited and pre-saved in rekordbox seem to go back to default when i connect the s11, For example in Single FX mode without the s11 connected, I edited the MT DELAY effect with HI-CUT activated and TAP NUM to 2 with swing set at none. whilst using RB without the s11,the set parameters sound great on tracks. But when the s11 is connected and the same fx applied to the same track,it sounds soo awkward and off. 

FYI: i am unable to access single fx mode in rekordbox when the s11 is connected so i cant even check what the software parameters are and how they have changed.

Rekordbox 6.6.1

Mac OS Monterey

2021 M1 Pro 16

Ernst Yeboah

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