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DJM-S11 browse button delay

When using the browse while in the playlist tree I notice a delay every so often. 
This doesn't happen when I'm in a playlist or in the collection. Just when I'm going through the playlists.

Anybody else have this?

Here is a video: https://youtu.be/ep_QRotDH1Y
I'm scrolling fairly quick in this recording. But it also happens when I scroll more slowly.
I can't say if I had this before as I almost never scrolled between playlists from the mixer. I always do that from the laptop. I only scrolled within playlists or the collection. 

EDIT: BTW, apologies for the bad quality, I just noticed it's at 240p. I've re-upload the video: https://youtu.be/yvHFty8x_X4

Rekordbox 6.6.1
Windows 10 (19042.1415)
i7 10870H
16 GB RAM 3200
1 TB 970 Evo Plus


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How many songs in the collection?

Connected to USB2 or USB3?

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The collection has 23k tracks. But no delay when scrolling through there. Or when scrolling in a playlist as mentioned.  

The playlists I scroll past are a combination of intelligent and regular ones. I saw it hang mostly at one smart playlist that has 130 tracks. And another with 1400 tracks in it. Aside for the playlists in my Era folder all others are below 1000.

As I was checking the number of tracks in the playlist I noticed the following while in Export Mode (S11 turned off).
2 playlists specifically take longer to display. Both are smart playlist. When I click on them they take seconds longer to display. Same goes for when I right click to get the menu. Other smart playlists, some with more tracks, do not have this issue and display instantly. And right click menu also shows straight away.

Here is a video showing it: https://youtu.be/8UiM1nkSBzI

The S11 is connect through a USB C port. I'll try the USB 3 port tonight to see if I get similar results.

But from the video it's clear the issue is not the S11 or the USB port I'm using it's the those 2 specific playlists.

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Ok did some further testing. Even though I know it's because of those 2 playlist. Connected S11 to USB 3 port and the 2 smart playlist still caused a delay/hang. 
I tried this in 6.5.2 as I still have that version on my computer. It hung/delayed at those two playlists as well with 6.5.2.

I proceeded to create new smart playlist. Re-creating them still resulted in a delay/hang when moving past them or richt click for menu. 
The condition I used for these 2 playlist are Track Title 'contains' Acapella and Track title 'contains' Instrumentals
The Acapella smart playlist has about 130 tracks. The Instrumentals smart playlist has about 1400. 
With other smart playlists with more than 130 tracks and even 1400 it does not happen. I tested it out with my smart playlists in my era folder and no issue there. 

So I went back and tested the other conditions =, ends with, starts with and the delay/hang didn't occur. I then checked a smart playlist that uses the MyTag condition together with 'contain' and again no delay/hang. 
So pinpointing it, it seems to be related to the 'contain' condition together with 'Track title'. 
Only thing I can't confirm if it's because of a collection that has more than 20k tracks (currently 23k in my collection)

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