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Frustrated about the XDJRX3's capacity to read tracks from the USB root file

If there are more than about 1500 tracks on the root folder of a USB stick the XDJRX3 will not even detect the drive, wont show any thing on the source menu and then when ejecting the USB light blinks continuously even after the unit is powered down. After much trial and error I found that splitting the tracks into smaller individual folders and making playlists from those work, but the reason that is a problem to me is because this has never been an issue for me from pioneer equipment.

Back story, I've been a resident club DJ for 5 years and successfully used an XDJRX2 for the majority of that time. Therefore I've accumulated a lot of music I use for work. I use 2, 256 Sandisk Extreme Pro USB drives, which have worked between all of the other methods I've used for work (XDJXZ, CDJ 2000 Nexus, and of course my XDJRX2). I keep about 13,562 tracks in the root folder of each USB then use rekord box to split them into appropriate playlists. this method has been successful for awhile.

Fresh out of the box my XDJRX3 cant read any of the drives that work elsewhere and when faced with emailing customer support they just told me to reformat the drive. I did. It worked with a handful of tracks but copying my 13k into the root folder once again caused the same issue. Unusual the newer model has a harder time reading a USB, pretty upsetting.


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