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Lighting Fixture Request: Xiang Yi Lighting / STL1003 Update


I'm not sure if this is the proper way to request such change but in the previous post here:


The way the fixture was done perfectly reflected the DMX channels but does not allow me to reassign it to other Fixture roles because of Channel 1 being assigned as a Pan Rotation. Consequently, when assigned as an Effect 1, Effect 2 or Laser role, the moving head spins non stop on the Pan axis. 

By having the Tilt/Pan channels mapped independently, I'll be able to create a more wide array of alternative use of these moving heads (which are an hybrid between spot moving heads and lasers).

Thank you so much! 

Here is the fixture update request:


Manufacturer: Generic
Name: Generic Moving Laser 8bit
Type : Moving Head
DMX mapping:

Aisle/Channel ID Range of variables Description
CH1 0 255 X-Axis position control ; Equivalent to Pan 8bit 
CH2 0 255 Y-Axis position control ; Equivalent to Tilt 8bit 


Manufacturer: Unknown
Name: STL1003 Laser 
Type : Moving Head
DMX mapping:

Aisle/Channel ID Range of variables Description
CH1 0 255 Pattern control ; Doesn't do anything can be used as dummy channel
CH2 0 255 Motor speed control, from fast to slow
CH3 0 255 Total dimming/laser intensity
CH4 0 255 Red color
CH5 0 255 Green color
CH6 0 255 Blue color
CH7 0 0 Strobe off
1 255 Strobe from slow to fast
CH8 0 50 Channel 1 to 10 are valid
51 100 Self-propelled mode 1
101 150 Self-propelled mode 2
151 200 Voice control mode 1
201 255 Voice control mode 1
CH9 0 255 Speed corresponding to the self-propelled mode
CH10 0 199 No effects; it's just to control channel 1 to 9
200 255 Reset the device for 5 seconds

Thank you so much for the amazing product support.

frank_halfwong Not planned

Official comment


Hello Frank,

Firstly, the Fixture 1 (Generic Moving Laser 8bit, Moving Head) has not been included in the fixture library so that you cannot use it with the Fixture 2 (STL1003 Laser, Moving Head). If you want to use Fixture 1 with the Fixture 2, please request it in the Forum page below. 


Secondly, the Fixture 2 does not work as you described. Please see the rekordbox lighting library as shown below. Each channel works in the ways below. Also, the channels with (*2) cannot be controlled with rekordbox lighting. This is how your fixture works with rekordbox lighting app.

Thank you for your kind understanding. 

Pioneer DJ Support

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