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XDJ 1000 - link problem

Hello, I own 2 XDJ 1000 Players and one of them has a problem. Sometimes when you link the 2 players and you turn them on, one of them is not working, it turns on but it freezes, none of the commands are working, neither the touch screen. If I try to link 3 or 4 players together, that one is not working at all. I brought the player to a professional service center and they checked the hardware and told me that they didn't find any problem. While I was using them today, that player stopped working during a mixing session and "Link error" appeared on the screen for 2 seconds and than disappeared. I don't know how to solve this problem and it is very annoying. Please help.


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So long as they all have a manually assigned, and unique player number, that won't be the issue, but possibly one of the following:

- the router / hub / switch connecting the players
- the ethernet cable connecting that player
- the ethernet jack on the player itself (possibly a bent pin or bad connection)
- some other internal fault on the player

If you check the port and it appears fine, and you use a known-good cable directly between two players, do you still have issues?

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