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DJM-750MK2 send/return issue --> right channel peaking heavily when using RMX-1000


I'm using my DJM-750MK2 with RMX-1000. Both devices are connected over the send/return with NEO by Oyaide d+ TRS Class B jack cables.

Connection is set to send/return (-10Db). When activating the send/return on the DJM and using FX, my right channel is peaking and clipping heavily. It's so heavy that my right speaker is making heavy cracking sounds and might get damaged.

Initially I was thinking about a problem with the RMX, but after some reading I hooked up the RMX directly to my CDJ-2000NXS. And in this case the FX work without any problem. So, I'm suspecting that the issue is related to the DJM send/return.

As far as I know, I cannot finetune the balance on the 750?

Did anyone experience this before?

Thx for your assisance!


David De Ridder

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