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Auto Relocate not working randomly

So I can't remember if I've done this since I transferred to a new Macbook Pro which is on Monterey which made the change from iTunes to Music, but it used to work, now it's not, but so far appears sporadic.

I noticed this after I added "[Clean]" to the title of some tracks like I always do, which of course triggered the file to not be able to be located (I hate this - this wasn't an issue on Traktor), so I did the usual thing I do and attempt to autorelocate which usually works (I've added the paths).  This time though, it will not find them.  I double checked the paths and everything, the location of the file hasn't moved.

So then I went ahead and did a manual sync of everything, so it re-added the track as a new entry.  When this condition exists, usually I'll get an alert that the file is already in the library when I attempt to auto-relocate.  This time - nothing.

Odd thing is, I just tried the same thing with a different track which is stored in the same place (default Music directory), and it had no problem autorelocating it (cue head scratching)

Hope this doesn't continue to be a sporadic issue.



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I also had some strange issue but it was a bit different.    What i like to do is take tracks that i dont often play ....and move them to a different folder that is outside of the file path designated in the auto relocate.     

What i noticed is after moved the files i would do a auto relocate which should not find the moved files and show them as missing but what happens is RBDJ auto relocated the moved files even though there were in a path outside the designed relocate path. 



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Sounds like it's working as well as this forum does.

Unfortunate.  That messes with my playlists because I have so many that I prefer to not remove tracks from the global list because I don't know if I already have them in playlists... now I have to keep a closer eye on my playlists to make sure I'm not wrecking them because I have to remove the new, updated tracks that it can't auto relocate.  Yuck.

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