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24 notes per beat

Hi all

I'd like to syncronize my SP-16 with an E-RM Multiclock via the latters sync track via audio feature. From the Multiclock manual:

Sync Track

Another simple method to syncronize the multiclock to DAWs and hardware samplers is to use a sync track. All you need is one mono audio output, a syncronization sample and a way to program a loop.

1. Get the sync sample from our website and load it onto your desired harware sampler or DAW.
2. Create a new track and assign the track’s audio output to the audio channel you have connected your multiclock to. Set the output level initially to 0 db
3. Now program a loop to play the sync sample on 24 notes per beat

Set the multiclock to accept Audio In according to section 3.1 and hit play on the master you have just programmed.

The BPM led on the multiclock starts to flash and the display shows the actual tempo.


My problem is I cannot find a way to sequence 24 notes per beat on the SP-16. Any tips would be much appreciated.



thomasj Answered

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Hi Thomas, thank you for your patience.

1) Select your Track containing the special sync sample. Lay down a trigger on Step 1

2) On the SP-16 touch screen, enter the TRACK MENU by touching the Track you are sequencing.

3) The wide button at the bottom of the menu is called SEQUENCE.  Touch that. Now you can edit your sequence in more detail.

4) While holding down Step 1 of your 16 step buttons, dial in the following settings using the knobs:

Retrigger Count: 24

Retrigger Spd: 1/16T

This creates one bar of 24th notes.  

Hope that helps!


Rhythm Droid
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