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DJM 800 believed to be quite broken

I recently bought a djm 800 from a guy from a used equipment site, he said he believed it to be broken but hadn't tested it himself because the power connector didn't fit.

I tested it today and it seems (tadaa) pretty broken, when i turn it on, it takes about 30 secs for anything to happen (probably normal) then all the red lights on the vu meters start to blink randomly, and the yellow fx button also blinks semi-randomly. there is also no sound in any of the channels and the vu meters dont respond to any input. the color fx buttons seem to work correctly, at least they blink when pressed, and the cue buttons respond correctly as well, but i cant test if they work since there is no audio. the entire right side fx stuff doesn't light up (the screen is just black) exept the yellow button blinking randomly. 

in terms of physical damage to the mixer, its not in very bad shape cosmetically, except 4 pots that have been soldered out, these are the channel 4 color and low eq pots, and the cue level and mixing pots.

i opened it up a bit and inside it looks a bit rusty, my guess is it has been sitting in a humid cellar for most of its life, but the circuit boards seem intact, with no visual damage. cant say very much more than that.

does this sound fixable?:) i got it for about 150$ so the whole thing doesn't matter that much, but it would still be very nice to get it working

thanks, Jonas

Jonas Meurer-Lunde Answered

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Almost everything is "fixable" depending on the problem, the parts required, and the amount of work / money you're willing to put into it. Unfortunately nobody here is authorized to provide the expertise you seek, so I'll direct you to contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region where they can either perform the repairs or provide guidance in the necessary parts. Best of luck!

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