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XDJ-RX2 issues


Last 3 weeks I have played with a friend at two home parties. I myself have a DDJ-1000 at home which I use in Performance mode to mix. But at the home parties we used his CDJ-RX2. 

We had no problems getting my laptop working on his XDJ-RX2. It worked in both export mode (using the usb link software, etc) as in performance mode. But working with both were not the same. Therefore these remarks and questions. Hope you can help me.

When connected in Performance Mode scrolling on de rx2 was also visible on my laptop. Similar as I am used to at home on my ddj-1000. This makes it very handy, as you have more visually available, and it made it easier to scroll my tracks and folders.

When connected in Export mode what so ever, the scrolling was not visible on my laptop. This probably is because it's designed to work as an usb.

Q: Is there any way to get your laptop screen reacting in export mode
(using rekordbox sellection), like in performance mode?

For the second homeparty I also put my music on a usb hard drive. It worked good, of course lacking the visual advantage of a laptop screen, but (with some research in advance) I got to get the key visible, as well that I got my playlists in the right order I wanted them, and as I use the comments and the rating a lot these were also visible using sort and the info button. But..

When having the playlists sorted by Rating, I noticed it started out with the 5-stars and ended at the bottom with the 1 star. This was very annoying. Is this how the system works or did I mess up with exporting my collection or with a parameter somewhere down the line. It was really strange, so I eventually stayed working in Performance mode with the laptop.   

As everyone organises their collection in his or her own way, I can imagine everyone would still like to have it the same way in export mode, either if you play from the laptop or from a usb. 

I am thinking of getting a XDJ-XZ somewhere this year, bt I am curious if the answers to my questions apply to this machine as well. 

Hope you guys can help me.


Charles Van Elten Answered

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Q1. No - the computer acts as a hard drive, so doesn't show the scrolling on the rekordbox display.

Q2. You can reverse the sort within rekordbox, but some hardware does not allow for reverse-sorting on the unit in export mode (the XZ does).

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