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RB5 to RB6 conversion - new laptop

Hi all, I hope you can help or shed some light as I’ve really struggled trying to go from RB5 to RB6 (the correct way).

What I was trying to achieve:

I currently have RB5 on an old laptop, the master db and music are on an external drive. (R Drive) – I have a backup of this db saved also.

I have a new laptop, and want to transfer everything across into the new version. Apologies for the lack of detail in the following steps this is a rough outline of what I did (I can’t remember exact order as I tried a few things)

Method 1:
First I tried to download RB6 on old laptop, when through wizard to convert DB from 5 to 6. This showed all songs, playlists. But they all had cue and ? near one. I read to I need to just right click [Add New Analysis Data], I thought this wouldn’t take too long but it said over 300 hours! I closed RB, and wanted to start over.

Method 2
1. Downloaded RB6 on new laptop
3. Inserted external R Drive in to new laptop, message appeared asking database needed to convert from 5 to 6 so I let it.

Again this method displayed all my songs, playlists etc. However, I couldn’t see any wave forms in the preview and all my album art workwork had gone. (When I check the r drive I can still see the album art though)

My questions are:
1. How can I go about getting my artwork back in RB6
2. How can I get the wave forms to display in the preview
3. Do I have to click on [Add New Analysis Data] again for all songs, or can I continue and sync on to usb etc without doing this? I noticed when I did a quick test sync, it looked like it was re-analysing the songs before they went on the usb again.

Alternatively, because I have a copy of the original db from RB5 I’m happy to start this whole process over if someone can tell me the best way to get everything across.

Amrit Bains Answered

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Hey Amirt,

Because your database is on external, it will be a bit slower to convert than if it were internal, but you don't need to move it, you can keep it external.

You need to allow rekordbox 6 to add the new analysis data. Let it take the time it needs.

You can get the album artwork back by selecting the songs missing the art, then right-clicking and selecting "Reload Tags."

If rekordbox thinks the songs are missing, it could simply be due to the drive mapping on the new computer. If it's not R: then of course the songs are "missing." Either re-map the drive on that computer to R: or relocate the missing songs.

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