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Unable to create backup usb

I wanted to make a backup copy of the usb I use with my cdj 2000.  I was in the habit of importing tracks into rekordbox then analizing them then moving them onto a USB and using rekorbox or the cdj 2000 to put hot cue ext onto the track.

To create a back up copy of the now 77 playlists I have on this usb drive I copied the playlists onto rekordbox and then attempted to create a backup usb flash drive by exporting each indivdiual playlist onto the new usb. 

This worked for 72 of the 77 playlists, but for the playlists holding tracks that were downloaded starting in about 2020 they failed to export. 

Is there maybe a better way to create a backup usb stick that I can then use with my cdj 2000 player?  Is there maybe something I need to do to update my collection that will allow these playlists and tracks to be exported.  I did re analyze some tracks as prompted to do.

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Use a drive cloning software like Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac), or FreeFileSync (multi-platform) to mirror the contents.

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