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PC Crashed. Which files do I need to recover from the Bad harddrive to move to new computer

I just had my main drive crash due to a corrupt SSD drive. Fortunately, my music files weren't on there. However, my recordbox library files were on that disk somewhere. My last backup of Rekordbox was back in 2020, and I'm hoping not to lose all of my cue points, loops and analysis for the hundreds of files I've added since that time.

I am in the process of recovering some of those files from the corrupt drive, and it is a difficult and slow process. I have access to the user/appdata/roaming area of the drive. What filenames would I need to bring over to the new computer to restore the library?

Thanks for any help offered.

Casey Stongle Answered

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Hi Casey,


Copy the whole folder over, but make sure you have the same username on the new computer or you'll have to edit the rekordbox3.settings file to update the path to the new username.

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in the Roaming folder, I have "rekordbox", "rekordbox6", and "rekordboxAgent".

Rekordbox doesn't have any files modified in 2022. Rekordbox6 does have a few modificaitons in 2022.

Do I need to recover both?



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