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Migrate rekordbox to different hard drive with itunes

So I use itunes to keep my music collection organised and drag and drop songs into to rekordbox when I want to add them to a USB which means rekordbox has saved the itunes directory loction. But, my collection is clogging up my boot drive so i want to move everything to a seperate hard drive to save space on my C drive. Itunes has an easy built in tool to migrate everything over but with rekordbox, as far as i can tell, to relocate all of the tunes I'd have to manually relocate every file one by one? With approx 3k songs in my rekordbox this would be extremely tedious so, ideally, i was wondering if there was a way to change what directory rekordbox searches when it loads songs For example, it currently searches C:\Users\<username>\Music\iTunes\Itunes Media\Music but after i migrate itunes to the other drive could i change a setting in the program files or something for it to look in D:\Storage\Music\iTunes\Itunes Media\Music instead? Or is there something I could do with the back up library feature? Or perhaps, make a back up of the library, reinstall rekordbox on the new drive then import the back up or somehing? anything to keep iTunes and rekordbox linked without having to manually relocate all of the files. Any insight would be appriciated :)

Austin Baird Answered

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