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CDJ-3000 Hot Cue auto load bug & choppy FPS on zoomed in waveform bug

Hot Cue bug:
For example -
Track 1 has hot cue A and is loaded on to the deck. I switch and load Track 2, however hot cue A from Track 1 still shows. If I press it, it loads back Track 1 and starts playing from the hot cue.
If I have Track 2 loaded...and I create a hot cue B for it and I click on hot cue A, same thing will happen above, except while Track 1 is now loaded, it shows Track 2's hot cue B and if I press that, the deck will switch back to Track 2...
This doesn't happen on all my songs, but enough that I am making a post for it. Yes I have auto hot cue turned ON. Using latest firmware ver. 2.01
Choppy moving waveform bug when zooming all the way in:
Sometimes when I zoom in a several songs to the highest zoom level, the moving waveform will get choppy, losing FPS.

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The hot cue thing only happens if you load a song from the track skip, keyboard search, or instant doubles, as the player will prioritize the load speed of the song rather that the preference to load your hot cues from the track.

The waveform smoothness issue has more to do with a sync between the display framerate and the song scroll speed, so while it may be a bit choppy for some song playback, try zooming out or changing to a different color view.

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