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XDJ-RX2 Custom Midi Mapping

Hi all,

I am trying to map a couple of feature in VDJ using my RX2.

Unfortunately it seems that using the combo of pressing shift+pitch range or shift+mastertempo is not recognised by VDJ?

When i used to have my XDJ-RX this combo of buttons would work just fine and i was able to map the functions i wanted into VDJ. So it has me thinking whether the RX2 is not able to send this combo of the both buttons pressed as a midi signal.

If someone could verify whether it is a limitation of the RX2 of whether i need to get onto the VDJ tech guys to look into.

Thanks Mel

DJ Mel Answered

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No, sorry - those messages may be restricted or not available as a "shifted" value.

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Looking at the list provided here it seems its a RX2 limitation.


If you look at the original RX you can see a +shift is available on both those buttons. https://www.pioneerdj.com/-/media/pioneerdj/software-info/system/xdj-rx/xdj-rx_list_of_midi_message_e_ver221.pdf

Is there anyway this can be updated in a firmware revision to add the extra midi messages?


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