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Recordbox beatgrid not accurate ?:

Hello !

I have a problem with recordbox export mode. First step is analyze the track after that i search the drop of the music, and with left arrow key i move towards the beginning of the track.When get the first beat, the first red line i push C and M button after that right arrow push 2 tiems and again C and M.(USE 8 BAR). The problem is ,i noticed when i use arrow keys to move a beat it's doesn't always arrive  on the beat grid. So the red LINE is next to the point where is standing. If i use Quantize és push C and M its pull the nearest red line. So problem is , if i use Q the cou points time not the same as not using Q. If i use arrow key to move a beat why doesn't it exactly fall on the red line?sometimes in front of the red line it sometimes gets a little after it.But on the next move it falls on the red line again, then on the next step in front of or after the line again.

Only with quantize ON can iget the accuratecue points?

Bálint Török Answered

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If the grid is not accurate to the song, you either have a beatgrid whose size is incorrect, or a song whose tempo is inconsistent. There are two fixes.

If the grid is the wrong size, use the buttons to stretch out the beatgrid or compress the grid so the markers are closer together. Take note that any small adjustment at the start of the song will make a big difference at the end of the song, so jump around the song.

Second, if the song beat is inconsistent, like when it has a live drummer, you should use DYNAMIC analysis mode, and even then you may need to make adjustments to the grid. See this video for making adjustments to the beatgrid in a song with a large tempo change - you may find some hints there to tweak your songs too.

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if the bpm changes through the song don't use the beatgrid marker when making edit to a portion of the song, but use the button that says kinda "edit from here"

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