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Lighting Package For Single Fixture

I bought this fixture hoping to use it as standalone lighting system for a while while I make some $$ to purchase more:


I'm having trouble finding the right setting in rekordbox to put it on to really act as a standalone.  It seems like all of the presets are made for it to to be paired with other different lights.  Also, I'm not sure why the 19-channel mode only shows the same light on all four pars in a given setup...it should do all kinds of things with each of the pars. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should label this light (par 1, bar 1, bar 1(Simple) etc.) that would be most conducive to it being my only light in show?  I have matched the dmx addresses and set everything correctly on the quad bar itself.

Really don't want to have to create custom lighting setups for each song as the whole point of using rekordbox lighting was to cut that work out.

Thanks for your help!

-David G.

David Glosup Answered

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rekordbox lighting is not designed to activate the built-in patterns or sound-active modes for fixtures, so unless you want rekordbox to just run it as a single device, the best way to control the 4bar Quad is with the included foot pedal board.

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It's not so much that I want it to use the patterns or sound active modes in the light as I'm just trying to figure out the best setting in rekordbox to use since it is my only fixture.  (4ch, 6ch, 19ch, Par Light 1, Par Light 1 (Simple), Cool, Warm, Club1, Club2, etc.)  I also don't really understand what the difference is in the 4ch, 6ch, and 19ch modes if the software doesn't support any of those built in patterns...why would there even be an option for the 19 channel in rekordbox?

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