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DJS-1000 + Boss RC-300


Need some help.

I would like to use DJS-1000 as master

RC-300 needs the same BPM than DJS-1000 rhythms I have so that my guitar loops are synchro with the DJS-1000 rhythms.

Could someone help ? Midi, usb ? I don't find a simple explanation in the manual and it looks like DJS could have difficulties with syncing.

Greets from Be, L

Laurent Lenclud

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Set the MIDI output to the 5-pin DIN on the DJS-1000 and connect that cable to your RC-300. Should be as simple as that!

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@Laurent there's good news and lots of bad news:


what @Pulse said is 100% correct and applicable in almost every situation involving a device with IN/OUT/THRU 5-pin DIN Midi ports - except the RC-300. basically:

"The RC-300 will not receive MIDI clock or MIDI start/stop data from an external device. (The RC-300 cannot synchronize as the slave.) If you want to synchronize the RC-300 with an external device, the RC-300 must be assigned as the master."

but that's only part of the bad news. the RC-300 *can* accept Program Changes and CC messages but only for limited purposes so there's not even much hope of using a BOM Box or similar to trick the RC-300.

another bit of bad: there's not USB Midi either

there's a video on youtube titled "How to slave your BOSS RC-300 to an External MIDI Clock | Tutorial" but it seems to require Ableton Live and according to the comments, the RC-300 drifts to the point of uselessness in this setup. 

insult to injury bad news: you can slave the RC-300 to another RC-300...


the good news is that the RC-300 holds it's resale value better than most machines, after a quick glance at Reverb.  


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