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Rekordbox Control Vinyl Calibration Help!!

Hi Everyone,

My friend has lent me their DVS/ Interface 2 set up with control vinyl (RB-VD1-CB) to try out before selling it to me. 

They had big issues with trying to calibrate/ get ring signals on their Rekordbox - they have now got it sorted as they can play off the control vinyl perfectly. 

However, when I try to calibrate it to my Rekordbox DJ with DVS (v. 5.8.6) it's like we are back to square 1.

My set-up at home is extremely basic (and, to be fair outdated... I am still early in my career):

- 2x ortofon concorde MKII DJ Catridges
- MAC OS Monterey 12.1

- 1 Numark belt-driven turntable
- 1 Sherwood DEK-7U  belt-driven turntable
- Behringer DX 100 Pro Mixer

The mixer channels 1 and 2, Interface box at the rear, and the turntables are all set to PHONO (RCAs are also plugged into PHONO in the mixer). The Interface2 Setting Utility is set to USB for the output as it is plugged into my MAC.

Note: I already use a Pioneer DDJ-400n controller with no issues - hence already having Rekordbox DJ v5 installed. 

I have enabled DVS in the DVS component in the preferences, but no signal rings appear (even if I move the sizing scale at the bottom), and always get 'Error!' when trying to auto-calibrate - doing a manual doesn't prove helpful either.

I have gone through both the set-up manuals/ guides for DVS & Interface 2, as well as reading multiple forum posts, and watching YouTube videos on the manner. I have even had a look at the Audio MIDI Setup. And, now I am more confused than ever! Thought calibration would be easier than this .... (And, for the record - excuse the pun! - my friend tried to calibrate the set-up on their turntable/ mixer set up and it was pretty much the same thing, and they have pretty up to date gear).

Can you offer any advice? And, if possible have it in "DJ for dummies" language, my technical vocabulary for DJing is still in its early stages of development. 

Huge thank you :) 


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Hi Tjanatja,

1) You should have the outputs from the INTERFACE2 connected to your LINE inputs on the mixer; the output from that box is a line level.

2) You may have not allowed rekordbox access to the audio inputs; open the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Microphone (left) > rekordbox (right) and allow it access. This is a common reason the DVS doesn't work.

Check that the IF2 is the audio device in the rekordbox preferences, then test a calibration in the DVS page.

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Hi :) 

Thank you for the info, it definitely has made a difference, only problem now is that the track does not play smoothly - it glitches every second beat and sounds choppy. 

How can this be fixed?

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Don't know what I did, but the sound plays perfectly now - calibration on Deck 1 completed fine, Deck 2 plays perfectly but calibration for it says "Error!" - is this normal?

Thanks :)

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You may try manually adjusting the settings and see if that makes a difference to the signal.

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