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Pioneer DJ ,PLEASE show some Love to the DJM-S11 IN REKORDBOX

I was super excited about the features of the s11 when it came out. I mean the levels of creativity that it can unleash are absolutely nuts. Little did i know that after a year or two of regular updates, the Rekordbox software still cant make use of some of the most creative aspects of this mixer. I mean its quite a shame that the company that manufactured the hardware and software cant take advantage of this.

1. The in-built Rekordbox sequencer( one of the main attractions of the subscription plan) cannot be mapped to any part of this mixer

2.Channels 3 & 4 are like dummies when using rekordbox. You cant move a deck or use dual decks, you can hardly do mashups etc etc

3.Its difficult to save FX settings to the mixer on the fly

I am sure most rekordbox S11 users here will agree with me that its about time we are also made to feel good about using this mixer with rekordbox. Unleash the creativity this mixer has to offer with Rekordbox!!!



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What are these 'regular updates' for the S11 you speak of? lol

Seriously. It's been over a year without an update. Definitely not feeling a lot of love for the S11 (Pulse did mention some things coming...but over a year is a long time for a flagship product, wouldn't ya agree?) . All I want is for the thing to remember my settings.

But yes, better RB support would be nice for some people, for sure.

I use mine totally standalone, FTR.

Either way, fingers crossed Pioneer surprises and delights us with a nice update, soon.


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