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XDJ-RX3 - Bugs after 3-4 hours use

Please see videos of new issues below, both issues developed after using the RX3 for 3-4 hours and I was playing from a USB on latest firmware

Browsing songs inside playlists became very unstable, touch scroll was completely unusable as the screen wouldn’t update and then all of a sudden jump to the bottom of the playlist.
Search usually takes 3-5 seconds on my USB, this completely froze for over 45 seconds 
After pressing Back to exit the search the whole browsing screen froze and I couldn’t access any playlists or other screens. Music thankfully kept playing and after some frantic pressing of random buttons managed to get my playlists back. It kept doing this over and over.
I powered down the unit, turned it back on and everything was fine - all the above issues vanished.
Ian Laverick

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I have the same problem, I think it is the data flow with the pendrives, this did not happen in rx2! I am using it with usb cable in rekordbok link mode. We need solutions now! suppressing the preview would work better.

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