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DDJ1000 + XP2 + DVS

Can I combine a DDJ1000 + DDJ-XP2 + 2 CDJ400?

deck 1+2 DDJ1000 controllers

deck 3+4 CDJ400 DVS mode and DDJXP2?


jelle speltincx

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I am looking for a similar set up myself. If you find answers elsewhere then please update this post!


Looking to purchase the ddj 1000 and use the XP2 to add DVS (undecided on one deck or 2, I mainly want one turntable for scratching). 

I have read on pioneer website that the XP2 is compatible with the ddj-1000SRT which I thought was strange to only mention the serato version.

Does it work with the standard/rekordbox version? - I would like to add to this query


Also, does the XP2 give full license for DVS software or is this also to be upgraded to a subscription package like most of the other DVS compatible software?

Jason Sturrock 1 vote
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