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  • Thanks for adding this light the other day but the DMX channels have not been added correctly please check the DMX protocol and update the fixture thanks
  • Manufacturer)  CR LASER 
  • Model Name)  MOONSTAR MK11
  • Fixture type) Laser and Effect light
  • A link to the product website) http://www.cr-laser.com/en_us/product/grating_motor_serie/MOONSTAR%20MK3.html
  • A link to the product manual) You need to register to download so I have saved it to dropbox and supplied you with a link, But the manufacture has not updated the manual to be the same as the one that comes with the light. I have taken a photo of the DMX protocol in the manual that came with the light for you to use and I have checked all the channels are correct.


  • Please see set up the light as below
  • Cannel 1 Mode ( 207-255 to make DMX work)
  • Channel 2 Red ( red laser on 005-127) this is not currently getting output by rekordbox 
  • Channel 3 Green  ( 005-127) this is not currently getting output by rekordbox 
  • Channel 4 laser rolling ( 005-127 clockwise rotation 128-133 stop 134-255 anticlockwise) this is currently working correct when I manually turn the laser on using channel 2 and 3 to check if rekordbox is outputting a rotation DMX command.
  • Channel 5 Led rolling (005-127 clockwise. A good speed is between 10-65 128-133 stop 134-255 anticlockwise 134-255. A good speed is between 139-204
  • Channel 6 Led brightness (blackout 000-004 dark to bright 005-255)
  • Channel 7 strobe (Blackout 000-004 LED on 005-127 LED strobe fast to slow 128-254 strobe to sound 255-255)

The Main things to fix is

Channel 2 and 3 to be outputting the correct Dmx value to make the laser turn on. Correct channel 5 to be led rolling. correct channel 6 to be led brightness and channel 7 to be strobe

Chris Revis Not planned

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Hello Chris,

I answered you in your direct inquiry, too.

The main feature of the fixture "CR LASER MOONSTAR MK 111" is Laser, which has not been supported by rekordbox, unfortunately. This is why this fixture has not been added to the rekordbox lighting library. Even if the fixture is added to the library, you may not use many of the features in it. 
Nevertheless, rekordbox lighting engineers are working on adding unsupported features gradually.

Thank you for your kind understanding. 

Pioneer DJ Support

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Hi, I have noticed that the status at the bottom says "Not planned". This light has been added incorrectly and needs to be sorted urgently please. We have many gigs coming up across the next few weekends and we would really like this working in time for us to test this week and use for the gig this weekend and going forward. We have paying clients expecting this to be working. Due to the urgent nature of this, we are happy to pay for this to attended to urgently and put on the next update on Wednesday. Or, if possible, please give us temporary access to add the light ourselves. Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

Chris Revis 0 votes
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The post status is something for internal use only (Pioneer agents) and has nothing to do with users. Your issue has been forwarded to the technical department and you will be informed about it.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

Pavlos Mavridis - AtlaBase 0 votes
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