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XDJ-1000mk2 noisy Jog Wheel


i buyed a new pair of XDJ1000mk2 produced in Dez 2021.

The Jog Wheel of one Player runs really smooth, how it should be.
One of the player i had send back because of a really noisy wheel, with a plastic scratching feeling and sound. Yesterday i got my replacement and the Jog have the same problem, it runs not smooth its really noisy and different to the "good one".

Is there so much difference in the producing? Is there any fix or what Pioneer can do?

I dont want a send and return marathon with the company where i buy the players.

best regards

Meow Lee Answered

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It could simply be one of the bearings in the jog that has some grit - if you just purchased it, by all means, contact the retailer for a return / exchange.

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