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Involight MH127S , Cameo HydraBeam 4000, Involight RX350



I have some lights.

I bought a RB-DMX1, but there are few channels to control:

Control is very poor, too much the (*2)

Involight LED MH-127S

Cameo HydraBeam 4000:

Involight RX350
Pic (maybe this):

Czipi Not planned

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Hello Czipi,

Thank you for your feedback to the rekordbox lighting. Unfortunately, not all the features have been supported, but you can use those lighting fixtures to some extent even though (*2) is added to some channels. For example, normal Pan/Tilt can be controlled by rekordbox, but finer features like Pan Fine/Tilt Fine have not been supported yet. 

Speed can be used to only the fastest movement, but slow movement has not been supported. 

If possible, please use those fixtures within the working range of rekordbox lighting.

Involight MH127S: (*2) is added to more than half of the channels.

Cameo HydraBeam 4000: (*2) is added to some channels.

Involight RX350: The category "Blinder" has not been supported yet.

This is the limitation of the current version of rekordbox lighting. The engineers are gradually adding new features in new rekordbox versions in future. Actually, Gobo was added in rekordbox 6.6.0.  

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