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Fix problem with Cameo HydraBeam 4000 RGBW 56 Channel Mode



There is a problem with the following product :
Cameo HydraBeam 4000 RGBW.

What's the problem ?
When used with RekordBox, the moving heads are moving only at their minimum speed. (insanely slow).

What's the reason ?
The 4 DMX channels (5, 19, 33, 47 for speed setting) are not supported by RekordBox, but RekordBox sends a DMX signal containing value 255 to those channels. (maximum, agreeing the user manual of the fixture)

Who's in fault ? 
Cameo I think : In the user manual, they indicate you can control speed of the moving heads :
But 0 is the fastest and 255 the slowest, the values are inverted.

How to add a QuickFix?
I used a Direct DMX setting in RekordBox : when I press the button, it's send the signal to the lights that they should move at their normal speed, instead of slowly.

Additionnal information : 
When RekordBox is started for the first time, it is possible to define the moving heads initial position. But once 1 track is played, it's not possible anymore, because the lights are moving super slow again, even to setup the initial position. 

For some unknown reason, RekordBox sends the DMX speed information even if it say's it's unsupported. (*2)

Problem also applies with the macro editor in RekordBox lighting : when previewing the show, the heads are moving super slowly.


Guillaume Deb Answered

Official comment


Hello Guillaume,

rekordbox lighting engineers saw your issues and noticed that you mentioned "0 is the fastest and 255 the slowest" but actually the values are inverted.

They corrected the DMX values which are sent from rekordbox to each channel for Speed settings. 

This fix will be included in this week's FIXTURE LIBRARY UPDATE, which will be probably held within a day. After the new version is released, please update the library to see if any difference is made. 

Pioneer DJ Support

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Thank you very much for this detailed feedback. Once the library updates don't happen daily, I have made some changes internally and passed this to Pioneer agents. They will soon reply here, as this is a complicated issue with multiple possible solutions (library and manual error).

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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