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Rekordbox says i have only free plan, but i have a DJM 450!?


i just bought a DJM 450 and some Timecode Vinyl for Rekordbox, but Rekordbox Software (Rekordbox 6) wont let me play with Timecodes since it says it runs free plan only and therefore cant use external units?

How do i activate DVS function? I can adjust the timecodes in rekordbox setting, but i cant use them to mix, they dont interact with the tracks...


EDIT: Got it, i have to switch from internal to relative ... anyway, i wonder why it says free plan and wont let me use external units? Are Turntables via DVS not seen as external units? If not, what are external units?

Philipp Mesterschmidt

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I was just about to comment you need to put it into relative mode. I have a DJM-S11 and mine says the same thing. I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as you can play your music do you really care?

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