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DDJ Rev 7 Headphone Sync Issue

I just received my brand new Rev 7 like 4 days ago. I downloaded the driver and utility. Also downloaded the firmware update. Installed newest version of serato. I am noticing an issue with my headphone cue. When I turn on the controller and open serato's I load a track and everything is great. Now once I activate an effect with the pedal, I'm noticing the track being played in my headphones falls out of sync (1-3ms delay) with what's coming out of my qsc speaker monitor. I load the next deck and everything's in sync. Once I use the effect pedal deck 2 falls out of sync and never gets back on. I load new tracks and the headphone cue never returns to sync. This delay effects what I'm hearing before I mix and is a huge issue for me. Help is really appreciated on this matter please. I am lucky to have a friends Rane 1 controller here and I'm not having this issue at all on the Rane. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Anominiss Answered

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I'm getting the same issue. Can someone from Pioneer please respond to this?

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