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Run rekordbox 6.6.3 with BT Headphones

Hey all,

I just recently switched back to rekordbox and use it with a unlock device. Therefore, I have no paid plan just fyi.

I wanted to use rekordbox (without any controller attached) to prepare playlists etc while in train but  I cannot figure out how to get sound on my BT headphones connected to my windows computer. Any idea how to do this?


I just want to listen to my master on my BT headphones but evertime i select them in preferences i see them in the list/drop down but once selected it says no audio device with 0 sample rate.


Need help.. I rely on being ablte to prepare on the road and this seems to be a standard feature in other dj software since we are in 2022.


BR Stephen

Stephen Regenscheit

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I personally recommend not to use bluetooth headsets. The latency/sound delay is going to cause havoc for your mixing. 

Don't select the headset as a audio source. Leave it on your internal audio card. Just connect the headset to Windows for the sound output. 

The easiest way to prepare on the road is by using Rekordbox Mobile. But again don't use bluetooth as there will be a sound delay. 

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As i said, i dont want to use it for mixing, I am aware of latency but thanks ;)
I also do not have RB Cloud since I am on a basic plan with hardware unlock.


Futheremore, what you suggested does not work. I have the headpohonse connected to the pc and all sound is coming through them except RB sound. I can only select this:

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