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Rekordbox starts throttling after a while of playing.

I have had this problem ever since the updates. I can open rekordbox and play just find but after about 30 minutes or so the cpu usage bar starts throttling in the RB window and every second or so you can audibly hear a clicking/ crackling sound coming through any audio you are playing. Even through main speakers. I checked task manager and rekordbox is consuming 79% of my 16gb of ram. That is quite litterally outrageous.I have no idea why it is doing this. I have tried everything to fix this including whiping many programs, updating the laptop and just about everything in between. The laptop is only a year old and as i said worked great when i was still running older versions of rekordbox. I have a weekend long gig coming up and with 15+ djs coming to play on my equipment this cannot fly. At this point i am not blaming the laptop, something is up in this rekordbox version causing many things to not function smooth and is a complete headache. I have lyrics, dvs, and video all disabled in rekordbox and latency os not the issue either. I use the lighting control with pioneer rbx1 so i will not be disabling that feature. Done many tests and nommater the setting rekordbox just starts spazzing out after a while. What is going on pioneer?
Nicholas Hechler Answered

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The problem could actually be the computer itself, for example, we know there are issues with 11th gen Intel CPUs if you haven't updated the BIOS and drivers. If you're still having problems, please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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