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Rekordbox takes my home network down when disconnecting ethernet

This is kind of an odd problem that I want to try and explain...

I have a pair of xdj-700's connected to an ethernet hub that is hardwired into my home network so I can use them without USB sticks at home. 

I have a NAS connected to my home network with all my tracks on it.

I then connect my macbook pro to my network via ethernet cable when using my XDJs for a more consistent connection.

Also part of my network is Nest Wifi for a wireless mesh network as I purposely didn't buy a modem with a wireless built in. So, obviously, Nest Wifi handles that part.

The issue rears it's ugly head when I unplug the ethernet cord from my laptop after I'm done playing.  When I do that, my network freaks out and my Nest Wifi shows a network error notification indicator on the unit. Then when bypass that and go straight into the modem to my computer, it still can't connect to the internet. 

I've tried in the past to close out Rekordbox, turn the wifi on my laptop and then unplug the cord but that only works sometimes. 

Then there are times where I have to completely reset my entire network in order to get the internet working again.

So, yeah, I have no idea what the issue is but it's a weird one.

Has anyone else heard of anything like this before? 


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I've only ever heard of network craziness occurring while the ProDJ Link traffic was in use, never after.

It could simply be something to do with the router, but I'm not sure.

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Yeah, but I can use any other software and unplug my ethernet cord/dongle without any issue.  For some reason, wit doesn't like it when I do it after using RB.

Like I said, so odd.

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