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Avoid duplicates when importing Playlists from USB device with the "Skip (add to the playlist only)" option

Hello everyone,

I have a problem regarding the import of playlists from USB external drives back to the main database / collection. I hope I'm able to explain this as clearly as possible.

So, I'm on Rekordbox 5 and I have my big Collection on my studio Desktop computer. I usually create and update all my playlists in the studio before gigs, then export everything to a couple of USB sticks, as many of us always do.

BUT, every now and then it happens I don't have much time left in the studio, so I'll take the USB sticks AND a laptop with me, so that eg. if I want to modify a playlist (or create a new one with the tunes already existing on the USB), I can do it while traveling on my laptop's Rekordbox.

Here's the thing: after the gig, once I'm back in the studio, how can I import back all these changes into my 'main Rekordbox', WITHOUT having duplicates in my Collection? 

Let me explain it more clearly: if I right click on a folder on the USB Device and select "Import Folder", the pop up window says: 

Here I select the "Skip (add to the playlist only)" option, which really should just import the information (not the actual tracks) from the USB device, like the updated / new playlists I've made while traveling...

BUT what happens is that the imported Playlists will still be pointing to the external USB drive, so I end up having duplicates in your Collection (the original track on my desktop computer + the copy located on the USB stick)

If the track already exists in my main Collection, why can't it just be like  "ok, I can see that you already have this, let me leave the original file location and just update the playlist..."

This means that basically, once I leave the studio, I cannot edit / create new playlists on my laptop: actually, I can do it, but then it would be impossible to import back those changes to my main Rekordbox (without having duplicates in the database)

I know it might have sound convoluted, but I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this! I find it super annoying...

Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this

Thank you so much



Pi Zeth

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ps: when Rekordbox automatically import 'Histories' as soon as you plug the USB drive back after a gig, it performs exactly what I'm envisioning here!

ie. the History is copied, then it can be imported as a normal Playlist, but the files into this Playlist will be pointing to the original location in the desktop computer, NOT to the external USB drive...

hope that makes even more sense now

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Right-click on the drive and select "UPDATE COLLECTION" and all that will be done.

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uhm, that's not true? :)

I've literally just tried (and had tried a few times before), but absolutely nothing seems to be happening when right-cliking on the drive + Update Collection (on my desktop computer's Rekordbox obviously...)

I mean, there is a progress bar and something seems to be happening, but then when I check the original playlists, they are left untouched...none of the changes done on the other computer are 'imported' into this one...

that seems to be a bug then?

I am on Rekordbox 5.8.6 btw


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