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Migrating from DJAY to Rekordbox

Hi All. I just bough RX3 and moving to rekordbox from DJAY algoriddim. Anyone with experience in this and if I'm likely to have any issues? Especially regarding re-using the same music files (tagged with info from Mixed In Key, re-exported) 

I know cue points etc won’t transfer. That’s fine I’m willing to reset all, but given these will be the same FLAC music files used previously. With djay, so I somehow need to ‘scrub’ threes of djay metadata /cps or is this not needed. 

Additionally if this is not needed, does that mean in future I can use the exact same files across both RB and djay without issue and with their separate cue points conflicting or corrupting files?



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Each DJ software uses its own proprietary way of storing DJ metadata such as cues, loops, grid/BPM, playlist(s) etc. If you want to go from one DJ software to another, you'll need conversion software.

Your original DJ software and its tracks are unchanged by this procedure. The same tracks can be used with the same cues etc in both the original (djay) and the target conversion (Rekordbox 6) software. Only when things are changed in one of them, conversion is required again.

DJCU converts from djay Pro AI (not the previous versions!) to Rekordbox. So it's possible to continue to use your djay set cues and loops in Rekordbox.

In all fairness from djay to Rekordbox, is not the simplest of conversions DJCU hast to offer, long technical story about how djay stores the track identification.

here is the tutorial:

Conversion from djay (iOS or MacOS) to Rekordbox.XML, DJCU 4.75 [MacOS only]

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Thank you kindly for the response. 

I actually don't want to import cue tones etc across. Reason? The RX3 has more cue options (memory cue, hot cue, gate cue) - it's an ideal opportunity to reset.

When setting new CT's up in Rekordbox, would this erase those in DJAY, or more importantly would it cause any issue with the actual file across either is what I'm not clear on. If I understand though, I think no?

Sorry if I misunderstand and am asking a stupid question, I really don't understand how music files metadata works. The video is great, but as I use FLAC files I know this isn't supported by itunes/Music. Not a concern though in my case. 

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