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Hide BPM & Master Curve options in CDJ-3000 menu

Here are some feature requests for CDJ-3000 that are very simple to add in the menu and shortcuts :
- The possibility to hide master curve (above current curve)

- The possibility to hide BPM value (interesting for or other CDJs / XDJs also) 

This would allow to (nearly) fully reproduce the experience of vinyle turntables, with minimum assistance to sync tracks. Of course I am talking about syncing tracks without sync button here.

Indeed, the brain is captivated by the BPM display and sometimes the master curve and its grid above. Of course these indicators are useful, except if you explicitely don't want to have them to find the perfect pitch with your ears only.

Personally, I hide the BPM value with a piece of paper just to keep training my syncing skills, as I come from vinyles. I don't want to fall into easy with too much assistance. I prefer using the power of CDJs for many other features (looping, hot cues, beat jump, slip, advanced browsing ...)

I think this might interest many people that like digital but don't like having too much assistance.

Thanks for your understanding !


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Concerning the BPM value, on the CDJ-3000 it could be an option from the menu :
- Toggle BPM display : ON / OFF

And then, when we touch the BPM value on the screen, it hides the value.

However it think it is not necessary to hide the pitch percentage.

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