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Which older macbook


I'm looking for a new macbook to run rekordbox on it. I think a model of 2015 will be great. Most of the time I will exporting files from rekordbox to my flash drive, maybe sometimes connecting to my xdj-rx2. It's just a second laptop, only for light tasks and running rekordbox.

The mobility is important for me. I think a macbook 12" 2015 or a macbook air 13" 2015 (i5) will be fine. Has anyone experience with one of these 2 types? I read something about heating problems on the macbook 12", is this real? Some other people deny this problem...

Or is a macbook pro of the same year a better value?

Can anyone help?





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I have used both, the MacBook Air is better in my opinion for what you are doing.  Even a 13" MacBook Pro from 2015 would be great since it can be updated and probably has an I7 chip set.  The Air I use is a 4gb ram 2013 model and it's awesome, but do wish I had 8gb of ram or more for the occasional video work.

Check Apple Refurb for some great deals on even newer models!

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