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CDJ 900NXS USB slot not working + can't downgrade firmware on other cdj's

I've got 3 cdj 900's all nexus. On one of them the USB slot doesn't work at all. The red light doesn't blink neither. I have just installed a new USB module bit still doesn't work. I would have been fine with this as I've got the 3 players linked but on the 2 I've got newer firmware and I keep getting a message on my screen saying there's a player linked with older software please update. I can't remove the message and it blocks my screen. Questions I've got are, Am I able to downgrade firmware on my other 2 players ? Can I update firmware without using the USB slot / through Link ? Can I Reset the firmware in general. What could possibly be wrong that the USB doesn't work. Thanks for any help !
Freek Bergkotte

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