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CDJ 3000: Thin red line below small waveform


I noticed on my CDJ 3000 there is a thin red line below the small waveform on the display. When loading a track, it is slowly progressing from left to right like a "load progress bar". Is the meaning of this somewhere mentioned in the manual? (I didn't find it)

However, it really looks like it is a load bar, as I cannot beat-jump further than this line/bar has already progressed.

So e.g., when I am loading a track with length of 8:00, this progress bar quickly goes up until about 2:30 and then slows down significantly, adapting to playback speed. So it will always keep the next 2:30 in memory.

But my understanding was, that the CDJ 3000 would load the complete track in memory? Or is this not the case?

Please clarify.


Markus Marquardt Answered

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That's the buffer status line. As you note, you can't jump past it, but once the full track is loaded - yes, it's stored in memory and you could pull your drive and play out the entire song.

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Yes, but my assumption was the CDJ 3000 would continue to load the whole track into memory, but it is stopping the loading after about 2:30 from current playhead position as described above.

However, as everything is working fine I don't care too much about this :-) It was just a question out of my curiosity. I mean obviously there must be a limit for the loading/buffering. E.g. if you have an uncompressed 60 minutes track, it wouldn't be possible to load the whole track into memory.

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