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Rekordbox 6.6.3 not loading Tracks on MacBook after Cloud sync transfer

I have run this several ways and even changed file types. However since the new update of Rekordbox 6.6.3 track files that will show and work on Rekordbox (windows) will not work when cloud sync updates to my Macbook running the same version of Rekordbox. This start with an error of "files not recognized when in WAV, now they are in MP3 and now getting no beatgrid info. 

Rekordbox does see the track (Title, Artist, ect.) often times even is getting the waveform preview. However still will not load the tracks. 

Other fix attempts.

1. uninstall Rekordbox on MacBook and reinstall. 

2. removed all tracks from drop box and Rekordbox than reloaded collection. 

3. canceled and restarted Dropbox professional subscription. 

4. copied files through from external drive to Dropbox and than loaded collection from new Dropbox file external of Rekordbox folder in Dropbox. 


Wacky Dj Gleanr

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farther complication. re-anylizing of the collection on MacBook causes all tracks to stop working back on Windows computer after sync had updated over the cloud. None of this happened when on version 6.6.2, 6.6.1, or 6.6.0

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Do you still have 6.6.1 installed and can you please test there? If you don't still have it, you can download it here and let us know if that helps.


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