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DJM900 NXS2 S/PDIF Output intermittent dropouts


I'm trying to use the digital output on my DJM900 NXS2 to feed in to my digital radio mixer (DHD rm2200d) but i keep experiencing intermittent dropouts.

I've tried using different digital cables, tried putting a Mutec Format Changer in betweeen, tried different samplerates but no matter what... The audio sometimes drops out for half a second.

The DHD mixer  accepts other digital inputs just fine without dropouts.

The dropouts are never long but no matter what i try i can't get rid of them.

The DJM900 is brand new and the digital inputs and the analog outputs seem to work just fine.

I'm starting to think the digital out is just not working right.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this might be happening?



Daniel Lippens

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Try a different SPDIF receiver (like a home stereo).  If the DJM is still doing that, it might be a damaged SPDIF transmitter caused by hooking the wrong stuff into it at some point.

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