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Rekordbox location indexing issue

After backing up my library on Windows 10 and restoring onto my new Macbook it says over 1000 tracks are missing (they're coming from a music folder within my Dropbox so the file architecture is identical) and when I relocate a track manually Rekordbox then says it can't find any other file even if it's in the same folder (I tried it back on Windows 10 after Macbook failed and it auto-relocates everything else in the folder no probs).

Worse still Rekordbox is saying tracks are missing and, when I relocate them in the Missing File Manager window it says "this track is already in your collection" and won't re-add it. I've tried deleting the track from my library to re-import fresh but once I've deleted it from the library it simply doesn't ever appear again if I click "import".

Thus far the move from Windows 10 to M1 Macbook has been a nightmare with regards to Rekordbox.

Matthew D Bayfield

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