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DDJ 1000 - LCD platter screens not displaying information

So, I finally got my hands on a DDJ 1000 and have it tagged to Virtual DJ for primary use (Mostly because of the video work)

After putting it through practice at home for ~1 month, I took it on the road and immediately a few things happened that have puzzled me and I'd like to go back to 'original state'

1) The platters that showed me the beautiful waveforms + information are now blanked out except for "Pioneer DJ" on the left and 'Rekordbox' on the right.

2) The lights for the platters are off.

3) The Beat FX is totally non functional unless [and only occasionally] if I switch to the MST channel. 

4) Volume faders at zero for all channels and songs still play on output channels. Only way to fix is to slide up and back down to get the sound off.

Steps I've taken to fix. 

Uninstall VDJ + Rekordbox and then reinstall

Uninstall DDJ1000 drivers and reinstall

Reflash firmware 1.12 again to the controller. 

Switched between A and B ports. 

Tried laptop vs desktop (no change)

Windows 10 machines for both.


Any help / advice / suggestions? I'm tired of trying to revert to original settings.

Paresh G

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