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Sound Card Inputs on DJM900 NXS2

Why are soundcard inputs are greyed out on NX2 soundcard settings utility? Is there a workaround?

I'm touring a live show that uses the inputs on the DJM soundcard on the mixer for synth inputs to ableton, we always have to ask for the NXS1 because I the NXS2 inputs are greyed out! 

Some rental companies don't have the NXS1 anymore, is there a reason why this capability has been stunted on the NXS2?  Is there a hack to gain access to them? 

My computer is already running lighting software, ableton, and heavy visual softwear... so running rekorbox in parralel would be really bad for CPU. The NXS1 works perfectly.. so it's weird to have this issue with a presumably better product.


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